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Trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles often have to work around the clock in extreme and hostile environments. Electric actuator systems for these vehicles have to be tough enough to withstand heat and cold as well as water, dirt and dust.

To add to the complexity, trucks are expected to do precision work relentlessly for hours and hours with little or no maintenance and the demands in regard to truck safety, truck aerodynamics, and truck fuel efficiency are extremely high.

TECHLINE® electrical actuator solutions have no problems performing under these circumstances. They are simply built for the purpose.

What interests us is how we can help you improve your truck or heavy-duty vehicle application to be even more productive and comfortable to use.


Electric actuator systems offer many features that make them superior to traditional hydraulic systems. You will appreciate the low costs, flexibility and easy installation into the vehicle because of the compact design.

You will benefit from the increased truck fuel efficiency as a result of the low weight solutions and improved truck aerodynamics.

You will appreciate the improved truck safety and comfort provided by automation of a wide variety of truck applications.    

Installation of electric actuators eliminates weak spots such as pumps and hoses in the application. They require little or no maintenance but still have a long lifetime and maximum uptime.

Positioning feedback is very accurate and TECHLINE actuators interface very well with control systems.

The environment will also benefit from electric actuators, because of their low energy consumption and because there is no risk of harmful hydraulic oil leaks.


You will find TECHLINE actuator solutions in a broad range of trucks and heavy-duty vehicles for a wide variety of different applications.

You find electric actuators in for example garbage trucks, road sweepers, truck trailers, motorhomes, salt trucks and different types of fire trucks.

They are used for ventilation, seat, and steering wheel adjustment as well as for lifting, tilting, adjusting, positioning, retracting, extracting, controlling, opening and closing all sorts of applications on trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles.

This is just a fraction of what TECHLINE actuator solutions can do. The possibilities are virtually endless.


Actuator Solutions for Trucks
Trucks are built for working the roads relentlessly in all kinds of weather. LINAK offers perfect actuator solutions for a wide variety of functions in trucks. Linear actuators for trucks provide reliable maintenance-free performance under extreme conditions for many years.
Do not hesitate to contact TECHLINE with your needs and ideas and discover that all members of our team of engineers and consultants have in-depth knowledge about applications and products for trucks and heavy-duty vehicles.

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